Accounting and CPA Firms

Sales and Acquisitions of Accounting Firms

CPA  Practice Representation

Petrova Law is in the business of representing CPAs and accounting firms in a wide range of transactional matters.  Allie loves working with dentists and physicians because of her personal background.  Having worked at a Big Four, Ms. Petrova has an intimate understanding of the business, legal, and operational challenges accounting firms face.

We are able to assist you with the purchase or sale of assets, stock, and LLC membership interests.  We provide full-service representation, including advanced tax planning, due diligence, and negotiation, structuring and drafting of comprehensive agreements.

We can get involved at the earliest stage of the purchase or sale of a CPA's book of business when discussions are getting started. Signing even a simple Letter of Intent or Term Sheet can leave you with less room for negotiation and create obligations that you may not have intended to undertake. We can help you determine what terms can be negotiated further, advise you on potential liabilities that you may prefer not to assume, and evaluate other areas of potential risk.

We work closely with clients to effectuate transactions in a responsive and cost effective manner.

CPA Practice Acquisition

CPA Practice Succession

  • Sale of a Practice
  • Partner-Buyout
  • Succession Planning
  • Noncompetition and Nonslicitation
  • Dissolution