Business Tax Counsel

 Business Tax


Every business transaction has its tax consequences.  Some transactions are significantly more complex than others, and a lot can be at stake.  Whether a business is facing an IRS tax audit, a sophisticated business transaction or a payroll tax controversy, sound legal advice is essential.  We can help you avoid tax missteps.

Business tax planning is centered on the tax consequences of major transactions.  Advance planning is critical.

We offer assistance with the following transactional tax issues:

  • Tax consequences analysis of stock and asset purchases to buyer and seller
  • Choice of entity analysis
  • Tax consequences analysis related to structure, formation and reorganization of business entities
  • Taxable and tax-free reorganizations
  • Structuring a conversion
  • Structuring LLCs, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Structuring financing
  • Structuring litigation settlements
  • International tax planning
  • North Carolina property and other taxes

We offer comprehensive representation in other types of business tax matters:

  • IRS civil tax audits
  • Tax penalty relief
  • IRS collection, including liens, levies, and seizures
  • Employment tax disputes
  • Partnership tax / TEFRA
  • Valuation disputes

We can help with Business Tax Solutions customized to your unique circumstances.  Contact us to get started.