International Tax

International Tax


U.S. based businesses, U.S. citizens, resident aliens, and certain non U.S. taxpayers are subject to U.S. taxation on their worldwide income, from both domestic and foreign sources.  With the increasing collaboration between the United States and other countries, crossborder business transactions and offshore accounts have attracted greater scrutiny.

We represent individuals and businesses both in the United States and abroad dealing with international tax issues.  Our clients include:

  • U.S. citizens living and working abroad
  • U.S. citizens with foreign source income
  • U.S. businesses with operations abroad
  • Non U.S. taxpayers with U.S. source income
  • International businesses with U.S. tax reporting requirements and tax liabilities

We can help with International Tax Law services customized to your unique circumstances:

  • Representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, Tax Court and federal courts in matters involving foreign assets and financial interests
  • Employment and withholding tax issues for foreign companies
  • Taxation of crossborder transactions of U.S. companies
  • Taxation of U.S. transactions of branches and subsidiaries of foreign corporations
  • Transfer pricing of payments for intercompany licenses, services and transfers of assets
  • Strategic tax planning for noncitizens and compliance with immigration-related taxes
  • Reporting of unreported foreign accounts and foreign assets, including FATCA and FBAR compliance

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