Taxation of Single-Member LLC and Self-Employment Tax

Taxation of Single-Member LLC and Self-Employment Tax

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By default, a single-member LLC is classified as an entity disregarded from its owner for federal income tax purposes. That is, unless the owner files a tax election with the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") to have the entity classified differently. For example, as an S corporation or a C corporation.

Where it is treated as a disregarded entity, a single-member LLC would not file its own business tax return. Rather, its owner would report the LLC's activity on her or his tax return (Form 1040) on Schedules C, E and F.  These Schedules reflect the LLC's profit or loss.  Federal income tax may apply on the net profit. Working with a competent CPA on planning for and filing your annual Form 1040 is a good idea.

The LLC is subject to employment tax withholding if it has employees. The LLC's owner, however, is not considered a W-2 employee and does not receive a salary. Instead, the IRS considers the owner to be self-employed and compensated through draws from the profits of the entity, just like a sole proprietor would be paid. If the profits result from an actively operated business, the LLC's owner would be subject to self-employment tax.

Self-employment tax is separate from federal income tax and is reported on Schedule SE.  Self-employment income up to an annual threshold amount is taxed at a rate of 15.3% (12.4% for Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare).  The LLC's owner, just like a sole proprietor, can deduct half of the self-employment tax paid for the year on Form 1040.

One significant benefit of operating through an S corporation is saving on self-employment tax.


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